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The term "spam" refers to any unsolicited e-mail. These spam e-mails will offer goods or services, promise great deals, or tell of schemes to get-rich-quick. Frequently however, these promises are hoaxes designed to scam you out of money and can range from annoying, to harassing, to offensive. Spam is a problem for several reasons: it is an invasion of your e-mail privacy, it can clog even the fastest of mail servers (because many spammers send out thousands or millions of e-mails at a time), and spamming, left unchecked, slows down the access time across the entire Internet.

There is hope. Legislation is being introduced to congress that would punish those who send unsolicited e-mail. In several states, companies that have been the victim of spam attacks have sued the spammers and won, frequently awarded millions of dollars in damages. Please support this legislation for Georgia. Let your congressman know that you don't want your Internet speed decreased, your privacy invaded, and your e-mail services to be hampered, all because of spammers.

If you receive unsolicited e-mail of any kind, it is important that you forward the messages to us as soon as possible so that we can deal with the problem. Forward the message (or send an e-mail) to:

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